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Monday, April 28, 2014

A Look Back On Our Weekend

Our weekend consisted of fun times with my side of the family and we loved every minute of it!

Friday was spent celebrating Fiesta. It is a huge party in San Antonio that lasts weeks and last Friday was their big Battle Of the Flowers parade. My little sister was in the parade this year, so we made sure we did not miss it!
{me and my Dad in front of my alma mater's float}

{my 12 year old sister that is my height..}

{dad and his babes}

{I think she got tired of me asking if she needed to use the bathroom..}

{Army Band...chills}

{San Antonio Mayer}

{Queen of the parade}

{extremely zoomed, but my sister was so confused}

{walking home}

We decided to drive late Friday night to my Mom's house in Houston. One of the main roads I took all the time coming home had been turned into a toll road and we were so confused. I am use to toll roads and toll tags, but Mike had no idea what was going on. I cried laughing for a good 10 minutes because if there is one thing you should know about my husband it is that he is a worry wart. He was hilariously freaking out about getting a ticket, telling me he couldn't drive back to Houston to pay it. Needless to say, I was delirious which made it that much funnier. Heads up for those taking 99... it is a toll road.

Saturday started with my little sisters soccer game. All of the girls on my mom's side have played soccer, so it was neat seeing how she has progressed. I sat with my mom the whole time and soaked up our time together. 
{so happy}

On our way home from the soccer game we decided we should go watch the Sugar Land Skeeters play. There is something about watching baseball at sunset... 

I thought their bathroom signs were cute..

Sunday was relax day. We knew we had a 3 hour drive a head of us, but that didn't stop us from being lazy. I think I got my sister hooked on Scandal (yesssss), we made Pina Coladas, took a random grocery store photo, and grilled for dinner. This is the first time I had seen my mom since Christmas, so we finally gave them their present (no judging) and they had one for me for my birthday (they are on time-even a few weeks early).
{my 15 year old sister who was born taller than me..}

We always get sad when we leave my Mom's, but it just makes going back that much more exciting! 

{obsessed with Texas sunsets}

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Look Back On the Weekend

A look back on our weekend...

Friday night we went to Luxury for dinner with our friends, Rachel and Keisha. It was Rachel's birthday weekend, so we all spent the weekend together and I loved every minute of it.

 {me, keisha, rachel}

 {blurry, but makes me smile}



Saturday morning we woke up and braved the Outlet Mall. I am so glad we did because I found great deals on items I needed. Yes, needed.

Our good friend, Nicole, came over for dinner and it was great to have the four ladies back together. We all lived together in college and it is hard for us all to get together now at the same time. Mike just loved listening to our girly conversations:)

Sunday was her actual birthday and she wanted to go to our favorite breakfast spot, Magnolia Pancake Haus. I could eat there every day. 

 {me, rachie}

 {ombre coffee}

 {keisha, rachel}


Mike and I spent the afternoon relaxing outside. I started a new book, Lean In, which is extremely inspiring and empowering.

Our weekend ended with watching Frozen. Is there anything better?

Friday, April 4, 2014


Sorry for not posting for a few days. I went on a women's retreat last weekend and have been covered in peace since returning.

This was me before the retreat. My life was great and things were looking up. My marriage was the best thing since sliced bread and we were only growing closer. There were things I needed to personally work on, but would let the noise around me take front and center and forget about it. One challenge I went into the weekend with was sharing my faith. I wanted to share what I believed in with the society around me and that was hard. I never wanted to offend anyone or make them uncomfortable, so in the past I would be hesitant to share how I really felt. Then there were times where I would be sassy just to be sassy and I was tired of it. I wanted to work on being a better person; for me, my husband, and most of all, for Him.

This is me after the retreat. On the outside I look the same, but I am lighter. My heart has softened and my soul is happy. I feel clean and so strong. I told Mike when I got back that I haven't felt that much love since our wedding day. Having strong women surround you to lift you up is so powerful and so needed. I am too happy to be sassy. I know that over time that joy can fluctuate, but I have asked Mike to hold me accountable. God is too good to be wasting my time being angry and annoyed. Life is a gift from God and I have dedicated mine to glorifying him.

If you ever have the chance to go on any kind of retreat I highly recommend it! They are life changing and you come out a new person. My outlook on life is so much greater than it was before.