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Monday, March 24, 2014

A Look Back On The Weekend

So Thursday night, Mike got sick with what he likes to call an asthma induced upper respiratory infection with a side of fever. Or what I like to call, the FLU. It has been really hard finding a safe refuge in a one-bed, one-bath apartment. I feel bad, but every time he moves I follow him with my can of Lysol.

Because of this, our weekend consisted of watching Perks Of A Wallflower, Something's Gotta Give, As Good As It Gets, Easy A, way TOO much March Madness, topped off with last week's Scandal episode. Did anyone else out there cry??

I did, however, leave the house to go to Barnes & Noble. I have been wanting a healthy cookbook for a while now, but I was being picky in my selection. I wanted a cookbook that had pictures, nutrition info, and meals that didn't require 15-20 ingredients. I landed on The Abs Diet Cookbook. It provides great tips and information on the foods you cook with.

Sunday started off strong with French-toast, Italian-Style from the new cookbook!

The ingredients consist of:
2 TBLS part-skim ricotta cheese
2 slices whole grain bread (I used Ezekiel bread)
1 TSP honey
1 TBLS sliced almonds (I didn't have these)
1/2 TSP ground cinnamon
1 egg
1 TBLS 1% milk (I used Unsweetend Almond Milk)
Handful of berries

Start by spreading the ricotta cheese on one slice of bread.

Then drizzle the honey.

Next, add a little cinnamon and then top with the other slice of bread.

In a pan, add non-stick spray, or I used a little coconut oil. Turn to medium heat.

In a shallow bowl (wide enough to lay the bread down in it... I learned the hard way), a the egg, milk, and cinnamon and whisk.

Take the sandwich and dip both sides in the wash, coating it evenly with the egg batter. My bowl wasn't big enough, so I improvised.

Place in the pan and cook both sides until lightly brown.

Top with berries and enjoy!

Here's to a healthy Monday!

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