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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Wurst Weekend

This past weekend was just what we needed. Lately, our plans have consisted of coming home after work and going right to bed. We haven't been out with our friends in a long time, so being surrounded by the ones we  love was a breath of fresh air.

Friday night started it off with a bang. We went out to eat with our newly engaged friends to a place that has seriously delicious and dangerous margaritas. Dinner was a blast and we were so excited to hear about their engagement and talk wedding again. It made me realize how quickly being engaged comes and goes. If you are going through the process, cherish it while you can. We had some other friends staying the weekend with us, so we met up with them at our place after dinner. I love it when friendships pick up right where they left off.

I have to pause this post real quick and say that I just heard Mike from the other room, "Ah man, I lost my ab!" Meaning he feels like he has gained weight... meaning he only had ONE defined ab. Classic Michael.

Our plan Saturday night was WurstFest. A festival in New Braunfels devoted to the German heritage. Basically it is a festival to honor beer. This was my first time going and I had a good time. There was a brief claustrophobic moment, but I came out a better person.
The gang

Accidental twins
Everyone had a blast and we ended up staying until the park shut down. This made my 5 am wake up call for my flight to California rough.

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